4th Batch = Four.Flowers.Ready.Made.Shawls

4/14/2010 09:31:00 PM

Now come the 4th Batch for 4Flow3rs Ready-Made Shawls... They are also certain shawls that being restocked due to high demand... Happy Browsing... =D

RM 12 per piece (excluding postage fee)

Black Line Blue = SOLD
Black Line Yellow = SOLD
Black Line Seaweed Green = SOLD
Black Line Deep Blue = SOLD 

Blueish Happy Layer = SOLD
Greenish Happy Layer = available

Bold Line Turquoise = SOLD
Bold Line Magenta = SOLD
Bold Stripe Red = SOLD
Bold Line Orange = SOLD

 Greenish Crazy Lines = SOLD
Orangest Crazy Lines = SOLD

Greenesh Lines = SOLD
  Purplish Lines = SOLD
Brownish Lines = SOLD

 Pinky Tones = SOLD
Blueish Tones = SOLD
Magenta Tones = SOLD

Yellowish Rainbow Lines = SOLD
Bluish Rainbow Lines = SOLD
Pinkish Rainbow Lines = SOLD

* For a clearer view, please click at pictures 

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Announcement 8

4/13/2010 09:34:00 PM

Teaser for fourth batch of Four.Flowers.Shawls

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